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Landyachtz Dinghy 28.5” Cruiser Skateboard Complete
  • Landyachtz Dinghy 28.5” Cruiser Skateboard Complete
  • Landyachtz Dinghy 28.5” Cruiser Skateboard Complete

Landyachtz Dinghy 28.5” Cruiser Skateboard Complete

€ 189,95
Incl. 21% BTW

De Hibiscus is een compleet cruiser longboard uit de bekende Dinghy serie van Landyachtz. De Cruisers van Landyachtz zijn wellicht wel de meest jolige en capabele boards uit de Landyachtz line-up. Of het nou je eerste of je tiende board is, er is altijd ruimte in je collectie voor een fijne cruiser. 


Trucks: Black Polar Bear 105mm
Wheels: 63mm 78a Fattie Hawgs Pink/White
Bearings: Spaceballs

  • Blunt Pinecone
  • Blunt UV Sun
  • Blunt Wild Cats
  • Coffin Kitty
  • Crown Peak
  • Emboss
  • Shape 9 Chartreuse
  • Blunt Reapin Ain’t Easy
  • Blunt Synth
  • Classic Maze
  • Flamingo
  • Blunt Tropical Night
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Rij rond zoals nooit tevoren met een van de compacte cruisers van Landyachtz. Deze boards zijn bewust gebouwd met kwaliteits componenten en functionele shapes om jouw volgende urban adventure episch te maken. Carve een helling, sloop het fietspad of pop een stoeprand waar je ook heen rolt. Landyachtz Cruisers, het perfecte maatje voor op pad. Of je nou al een hele verzameling hebt of niet, check de Dinghy Hibiscus en je zult zien dat 't snel je 'go to' boardje wordt.


Length: 72.4cm / 28.5"
Width: 20.3cm / 8"
Wheelbase:37.1cm / 14.6" - cm / "
Construction: 7-Ply Canadian Maple.




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Questions (3)

Van Jan | 2024-02-09 08:07:41

Hi, what is the wheel color on this board? The top description says black chubbies, the bottom one blue chubbies.

Pictures have the black ones which i would hope for


the dinghy Blunt UV Sun comes with black chubby hawgs

Van IVA BALEN | 2022-11-16 17:35:53

Which wheels does the fender panda come with? Thank you =)


the dinghy panda fender comes with 72mm 78a Plow kings

Van Michl Esch | 2022-10-23 13:13:30

Hey there!

Just to be sure : The Dinghy Fender Panda does not come with Plow King wheels?

Thanks in advance


yes correct

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the best

this is my 2nd board by LY and from Sickboards. The customer service is very helpful and lovely. The board is simply stunning. I LOVE it. feels amazing under the feet. solid and smooth. Rolls effortlessly. I tried 6 boards already Incl the Pantheon Pranayama. Do yourself a favour and just get this one. Simply the best.

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Top board

Nu een week of 2 a 3 in bezit. En regelmatig gebruikt nadat het board keurig is afgeleverd. Ik ben een beginner op leeftijd (? :-p) en heb dit board naast het windsurfen en skiën. De Emboss is een snel, comfortabel en zeer wendbaar board. Ik wilde eigenlijk de Mischief met de nog grotere wielen maar dit gaat ook perfect. Slecht wegdek, takjes, steentjes zelfs gras met harde ondergrond zijn allemaal goed te doen. Nu nog goed oefenen met sliden :-)

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Absolutly amazing!

A bit steep of a price here in Europe but this board is really amazing!

I needed to just tighten the trucks a wee bit, they came to loose but now it does ride like a dream.
The bushings will also make a squeaking noise for some time before they adjust, this is completely normal!
After some skating, it rides smooth like I'm cruising with butter on my wheels, that good!

The board is no so small as it looks like. Certainly smaller than a popsicle/longboard shape but you're still gonna have plenty of space for your feet.

The kicktail feels just so good and makes cruising really easier. Tricks are also doable with the board, just need to get the hang of it.
I'm overall really pleased!

And Sickboards did an amazing job with packaging and shipping :)

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Allround joy

This is a fantastic board all parts seems like really nice quality and sturdy enough to take on rough challenges and can ride almost all terrain.
Being 34 of age and decided to pick up skating this board is just a crazy good beginner board to cruise around on. The bigger wheels and overall more weight making it harder to lift and therefore harder to make tricks with its certainly doable.

star star star star star


The board is everything you can ask for in a cruiser. Quality built, great shape, tight turns. It just feels right in every possible way. It is just plain and simple fun everywhere you take it. Highly recommended!