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Independent Black Precision Lagers

Steel Lagers

Regular skateboard Lagers (no Built- in style)

Size: 8 mm

Shell ® Light oil lubricant

Set of 8 Lagers, 4 spacers and 8 speed rings

Independent Black Precision Bearings


Engineered from the ground up with exclusive features:

As one of the world’s best producers of skateboard parts, Independent comes with ultra strong, low- cost precision bearings. Designed with removable labyrinth shields, heavy- duty grit blocking cages and micro- polished steel races, these bearings outperform everything in their price range. 

Featuring Shell® light oil lubricant 

-Excellent oxidation resistance and corrosion protection 
-Water resistant
-Extended wear protection

Includes: Set of 8 bearings, 4 spacers, and 8 speed rings

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