TSG Pass Pro Carbon Graphic Design Full Face Helmet - Shoot

Our Description:
The TSG Pass Pro Carbon is the lightest and best fullface helmet in the TSG line up by a long shot. The new construction method has made the helmet lighter and stronger than ever, while still maintaining all the same styling, features, and fit from the previous Pass helmets. This version is nearly 20% lighter! 

If you are serious about downhill skating and safety, get the best. The TSG Pass Pro!

TSG Pass Pro Carbon  Graphic Design Full Face Helmet

Thanks to its high-end design and performance the Pass Pro Carbon is a true stand out. This downhill longboard helmet owes its classy profile and light weight to our innovative production process of its carbon construction. This also provides perfect aerodynamics and a fit that adapts perfectly to each individual's head shape. The foam thickness of the Magnetic Quick-Release Cheek Pads can be adjusted for a fine-tuned fit. At the same time the spheric visor is offering a wide and distortion-free field of vision. Thanks to Vent Ports around the nose and the Exhalation Fogging Blocker around the mouth exhaled breath exits without fogging up the visor.

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