No more wet feet

Upgrade your longboard. Wheel shields keep skaters dry on wet roads, end wheel bite, let riders invent new tricks and more.
Wheel shields are a longboard accessory with 6 powerful features:

1. Splash protection. Typically When skating on wet roads, your wheels will fling dirty water all over your clothes. Wheel shields act similar to a mud flap and keep you dry. Your longboard is now a versatile all-weather transportation vehicle. 

2. Wheel bite elimination. Wheel Bite is a safety problem that injured chase and inspired him to invent wheel shields. Wheel bite occurs during a hard turn when the bottom of the board hits the top of the wheel. By creating a barrier around each wheel, wheel shields eliminate wheel bite and allow wheels to rotate freely. 

3. New tricks. Wheel Shields also allow riders to stand directly on top of their wheels, opening up all sorts of new trick possibilities. Each wheel shield can support up to 1500 pounds. You can invent brand new manuals, colemans and dances with wheel shields! 

4. Longer bearing life. Wheel Shields fit snugly against the outer bearing of each wheel, without creating additional friction. This keeps water from entering the bearing, protecting it from rust and increasing usable life. 

5. End shoe bite. You'll No longer accidentally step on your wheels, which can happen while doing new tricks or plain not paying attention. 

6. Prevent locking wheels. If You're into downhill skating, you'll no longer lock wheels with other riders. Their wheels will lock against yours, but your wheels will keep rotating because they are protected by wheel shields, giving you the confidence to skate tighter lines around the opposition.

Comes with nuts and a tool

Warning: See this video before you mount your wheelshields. 

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