Surf Rodz Surf-Keeyz
  • Surf Rodz Surf-Keeyz

Surf Rodz Surf-Keeyz

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Surf Rodz Surf-Keeyz

Surf Rodz took the keys to test them out in a lot of various different terrain and difficulty levels.

Surf Rodz hit up: Pump station ( 40-43 mph straight run with a big bump in the middle) Glendora Mountain Road - GMR- ( 30 -35 mph very curvy, very tech road) Alva Road ( 40-42 mph sweepers into sharp left)

Surf Rodz rode them for quite a bit, with them in both trucks, with them in one truck, and then the comparison without them.

Overall the feeling of the keys make the trucks feel like a higher degree truck. you get more turn to lean ration than without them. so anything you do will be passed on to the maneuvering of the trucks. it makes the trucks ridiculously responsive. very very agile.

With them in both trucks:

I found it to be overkill with them in both trucks. going down to your deck at speeds would be twitchy, imperfections on the road get transferred immediately to your steering. ultra responsive.

like this I find it to be overkill for speeds, but at the same time, when you are cruising this feels amazing!!! even on drop decks you can turn and carve sooo easily, even with harder bushings. very surfy feel while carving.

With them on the front truck:

I love this combination! the frontal steering comes into effect and makes the deck very very very agile while stable at speeds. I could hit very narrow hairpins a lot easier then with the key in both. with a lot more confidence.

In straight runs they feel just as good and agile as can be. you still feel some of the imperfections on the road of course, but having the back truck being less responsive it makes for a fantastic combination.

If these were to be put in this combination on a smaller width hanger, they would be an incredible front truck for Slalom and LDP. no doubt about it.

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