Fattie Hawgs 63mm Ruote

Diametro: 63mm

Durometro: 78a (all colors).

Our Description:
The Fatty Hawgs are a classic wheel shape that lends itself to being perfect for cruising and carving. Tons of urethane depth and width to keep you sticking to the ground while commuting or cruising on even the roughest of ground, but tight enough for some slides to. This wheel is really perfect for old school cruisers.

Landyachtz Fatty Hawgs 63mm wheels

Now here is a wheel that is at home almost anywhere. Fatty Hawgs were designed with cruising in mind, but it turns out they are solid wheels for wherever you may find yourself skating! At 63mm with a fairly wide contact patch, these are fast-rolling rippers. Throw them on your board and grip some smooth carves. Fatties are very capable on any terrain rough or smooth, and even offer fat and juicy slides!

Hub: Offset
Diameter: 63mm
Contact Patch: 50mm
Durometer: 78a

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