Abec11 No Skoolz 60mm Ruote View larger

Abec11 No Skoolz 60mm Ruote

Abec11 NoSkoolz - 75A, 78A, 81A, 88A, 92A, 94A, 96A, 98A

Our Description:

The Abec11 No Skoolz are wheels to be applied in any type of skating, hence the name No Skool. This is a fairly wide centre-set wheel that when in softer durometers is grippy and smooth sliding, but can also be used for park skating in the harder durometers. Some riders choose it for freeride in duros from 75a - 84a, and in the harder duros is great for a mix of park skating and cruising. Once you reach 96a and 98a it is really best used in a skatepark.

Abec11 No Skoolz

Height : 60 mm

Durometers : 75a, 78a, 81a, 88a, 92a, 94a, 96a, 98a

Contact Patch : 34 mm


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