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Bustin 77mm Swift Freeride Ruote
  • Bustin 77mm Swift Freeride Ruote
  • Bustin 77mm Swift Freeride Ruote

Bustin 77mm Swift Freeride Ruote

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Bustin Swift 77mm Red - 78A White

  • 78A
  • 82A
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Our Description:
This 77mm Swift wheel from Bustin is a great value choice being a bit larger. This is a smooth sliding and wearing freeride wheel that will outperform almost anything out there. Make sure your board has ample wheel clearance, but if it does, you're in for a treat with this one. Great value for freeriders.

Bustin 77 mm Swift Freeride Wheels

Bustin Swift Freeride 77mm 78a
White with Blue core. 45mm contact patch. The larger diameter and contact patch make the 77mm Swift less quick to release traction and slow down the board a lot quicker than their 70mm cousins. They take more force to let go, but once they are sideways, they slide buttery smooth and are very good for speed control. Unlike most 75mm+ wheels, these are virtually chatterless, only chattering slightly when the board begins to high-side. If you hold your slide properly, these are a perfect large slide wheel for speed control.


Blue with Orange core or white with blue core. 40mm contact patch. A perfect freeride shape with the soft 78a durometer. Excellent for speed control on the hill or in the city for traffic dodging. They are very quick to release and hook up nicely. The 78a is ideal for sweet, buttery slides and are very controllable when going sideways.

Maroon with Red core. 45mm contact patch. Same shape as the Grey 77mm Swift with slightly harder urethane. These wheels offer similar drifting characteristics as the 78a but release a little bit easier. Slides will stretch out longer and slow down less. The wheels are exceptional for riders who want to spend a lot of their time sideways but want the rolling momentum of a larger diameter wheel.

  • Height: 77mm
  • Durometers: 78A or 82A
  • Contact Patch: 45mm
  • Stone-ground finish
  • Freeride wheels

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