Thrasher Magazine October 2017
  • Thrasher Magazine October 2017

Thrasher Magazine October 2017

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Shane O'Neill may be from Down Under but this switch flip over Heath's street gap is definitely up and over! That's how you get on the cover of the Bible. Welcome to the interview issue, October 2017. Who did we interview? Good question! Shane, obviously, along with the Brazilian barbarian Tiago Lemos, NYC enigma Aaron Herrington, TX terror Auby Taylor, the always elusive Gilbert Crockett, Team Red's very own Jordan Maxham and Wes Kremer and Evan Smith interviewed each other. Trip on that! Beyond the grill sessions, we got Girl X Kodak Film's recent jaunt down the Pacific Coast, John Rattray's Good Egg road trip, Burnout discussing the everlasting magic of Chris Miller and Sean Pablo paired with the finer points of the Sex Change. Need more? How about a sit down with not only Damian Marley, but your new favorite band, Wand, to boot. Done deal, dude. Get some.