Sabre Cone bushings
  • Sabre Cone bushings
  • Sabre Cone bushings

Sabre Cone bushings

7,40 €

1 set = 1 Truck

  • X-Type (86A)
  • F-Type (90a)
  • R-Type (93A)
  • H-Type (96a Grey)
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If you want lots of turn with minimal resitance, choose Sabre Cone bushings. A smaller volume of urethane means that these bushings lean and turn a lot more than Barrels or Kingcones, especially at softer duros. 16mm/0.6" tall and 25mm/0.975"at the wide end, they can be run boardside or roadside in all our trucks. Hand poured from our own exclusive formula in the UK.

  • Cone shape for minimum resistance and maximum lean
  • 16mm/0.6? tall
  • 25mm/0.975? wide at the wide end
  • 19.5mm/0.75? wide at the narrow end
  • Available in X-Type (86A Orange), F-Type (90A Purple), R-Type (93A Green) and H-Type (96A Grey)
  • Sold with a sticker and a flat washer