Bushing Guide

Here you can find information about bushings


Yes it does! The bushing is a very imported part of the truck and impact the way of steering and feel a lot.
These are the most common bushing shapes out there:

Information about bushings

Barrel and Tall Barrel - The perfect fit for most of the bushing seats. Barrels will excel in downhill and freeride, where you want your trucks to turn and return to the middle position with some rebound. Softer barrel combos can be nice for cruising, however, if you want to make your set-up more turny you can try running barrel board side and cone roadside. For higher speeds, we recommend a barrel+barrel combo. Some trucks are designed for tall barrels, taller bushing creates more space for a truck to move. Therefore you can get more turn from your trucks. However not all trucks fit tall barrels, you should always check if your truck can run tall barrels as if you put them where they are not supposed to, you can mess up with truck geometry and whole feel.

Eliminator - Designed with high speeds in mind, eliminator is supposed to eliminate speed wobbles. It also restricts the truck from turning too far, so sometimes they can be used as wheel bite stoppers. Usually run board side, because of their big size, you can run softer duro than you normally would.

Street Bushings - This could be a category on itself, but basically TKP trucks are designed with shorter bushings in mind. Take a look at bones bushings, with their special, no washer technology. You can change street bushings if you are looking for tighter or looser trucks, and you can find similar shapes in longboard bushings, so again double cone will be more turny than double barrel.

Cone and Tall Cone - Less restrictive, with less material used than the barrels, the cone will allow you to carve and change directions quickly. Cones are less stable at higher speeds, but perfect for lower speed cruising and carving. Tall cone is a little bit more restrictive but still delivers that playful feel. For the smaller kids we advice a double cone bushing combo. It has almost no restriction at all and allows kids to turn with ease.

Bushings are the rubber (actually polyurethane) bits around the kingpin. They provide the rebound of the truck, the harder the bushing, the harder it is to turn the truck. 

If you are a lightweight you should have a softer bushing. And if you are a bit larger or want to go downhill you should have a harder bushing. Nowadays there are so many different types of bushings that it's hard to say which ones are best for you, our advice is to start with the stock bushings and start experimenting from there. 

Just like wheels, the hardness of bushings is measured in durometer (a) and they come in various different shapes. It is also a fact, that your setup will feel more reactive at higher speed, that is why you can get harder bushings or more restrictive bushings for downhill and softer for cruising.

You will need two bushings per truck. The one closer to the board is on boardside, the one closer to the road is on roadside.

A lot, it's important to take that into mind! If you are a bigger person and you want to skate a bit tighter then you should go for a certain duro. The same applies if you are a bit smaller and you would like to be able to steer more. 

We have made a chart for what duro you should go for which body weight.