The Tool Skatetool

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The Tool Skatetool

The Tool Skatetool has everything you need for your skateboard: 9/16 inch for your truck kingpins, 1/2 inch for your wheels, 3/8 inch for your mounting hardware nuts and a phillips screwdriver for the mounting hardware bolts.

The 2 halves are held together with a small pin and keychain so you can store it in your jeans change pocket while your out skating till you need it. Construction: The Tool Skatetool is made at an actual tool manufacturing facilty, these guys know everything there is about quality hand tools! Its made from high quality steel and is hardened to specific tolerances for the highest durabilty and strength.

Ergonomics: Unless your kingpin is ground down to nothing you wont have much problem adjusting your kingpin nut with The Tool Skatetool. Its short but the way it fits in your hand and grips the nut makes it quick and easy to adjust that kingpin. When you tighten or loosen your mounting hardware the width of the phillips side tool allows you to generate a high amount of torque with ease. When finishing tightening the mounting hardware just hold the phillips and turn the 3/8 inch wrench side a little bit to add that extra torque to the mounting hardware. Same goes for the wheel nuts. The width of the 1/2 inch wrench allows you to generate a high amount of torque in the small tool for tightening or loosening your wheels.

Available in Black and Silver.


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