Bronson Speed Co Bearing Raw
  • Bronson Speed Co Bearing Raw
  • Bronson Speed Co Bearing Raw

Bronson Speed Co Bearing Raw

45,41 €

Steel Roulements

Regular skateboard Roulements (no Built-in style)

Abec Rating

Size: 8 mm

Shieldless Roulements: hear your ride!

Pre- lubricated

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Our Description:

The Bronson Speed Co Raw bearings are THE bearing to get when you like a raw bearing sound, no damaged or popped- off bearing shields AND a fast bearing. The bearings come without bearing shields and produce your “sound of speed”!

The cage design is ultra strong and durable. It contains a pure nylon cage with non-distortion fibreglass to keep the balls precision spaced. Increased performance in a low lubricant/ increased dust and dirt environment! Due to the Deep Groove Design, the balls sit and roll deeper in the raceway channels than Shallow Groove Designs. This dramatically reduces axial and angular side impact damage, the surfaces stay smooth and fast.

Factory check: the bearings are hand inspected twice and they are micro-polished & ultrasonic solvent washed for 3 times before final packaging. Packaged in nitrogen filled packaging – reduces metal and oil oxidation until ready to be ridden.

Fiche technique

8 mm Bearings