Street Hawgs 67mm Roues View larger

Street Hawgs 67mm Roues

Landyachts Street Hawgs 67mm - 82A (Yellow).

Our Description:
This oversize street wheel has something going for it... Speed. At 67mm tall, and still narrow like a street wheel you won't have any trouble getting this on smaller cruiser boards and street boards with risers or cut outs. These soft street style wheels are super effective for cruising because they're soft enough to roll fast, but narrow to make sliding smooth and easy. It's a great combination. 

Landyachtz Street Hawgs 67mm Wheels

The 67mm Street Hawgs are great for those who want a smooth ride in the streets and bowls, but still want to throw a few skate tricks in along the way.

Hub: Centerset
Diameter: 67 mm
Contact Patch: 30mm
Durometer: 82a (Yellow)

In Stock: online and in our shop in The Hague

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