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Carver CX 6.5" Raw Trucks
  • Carver CX 6.5" Raw Trucks

Carver CX 6.5" Raw Trucks

128,95 €
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This hybrid surfskate Truck is ideal for skaters that are used to normal Trucks, and the C7s are a little bit too turny for them. With a different geometry based on TKP Trucks, these are ideal for everyone who is looking to get every bit of pump out of their Trucks.

Suited for size decks: 7.8"-8.5"
Hanger: 6.5" / 
Quantity: Set

Lightweight TKP truck. It has patented geometry, which makes pumping much more efficient. This means you can get all of your energy straight into pumps, and move forward. The fact that this truck is based on standard skate TKP trucks, makes landing airs and riding fakie easier than on C7. This can help you with air maneuvers, and even riding switch!

Content: 1 Carver CX (front) truck, 1 Carver C2 (rear) truck and 4 shockpads.
Series: CX
Width: 6.5" / 165mm


Fiche technique

Black, Silver
Hanger Width (Inch)
Hanger Width (mm)
Truck type
Axle Diameter
8 mm

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the CX

like the CX french car the Carver Cx are unique i put them in the front and original s9 at rear and the Carver fly over the land they are very unique to use in skate park and diffently from there other model they are simple and honesly look at them, there style, you will that it is a Kind and they will be fastely delivery C.St M