Aera K3 Baseplate
  • Aera K3 Baseplate

Aera K3 Baseplate

72,69 €

Angles: 50°, 48° and 46° 

  • 38°
  • 46°
  • 48°
  • 50°
  • Noir
  • Gold
  • Vert
  • Gunmetal
  • Poupre
  • Raw
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Our Description:

The K3 Baseplate functions with the K1, K2, K3 or K4 hanger and comes in many different angles and colors. Grab an extra to mix and match or try a whole new set.

Available in: 50°, 48°, 46° and 38

Compatible with: K1, K2, K3 or K4 Aera Hangers.

Colors: Silver, Gold, Green, Black Gunmetal and Purple

Base Plate Angles

Aera 50° baseplate:

The 50° baseplate is best for freeride and around town cruising, dancing, or carving. Being a higher angle means the truck will be more agile and steer quickly, making for quicker carves, slides, and it will also hold a lot of grip through corners as well. Some riders choose this as their front plate and mix it with a 42, 46, or 38°plate in the rear. The majority of our freeride and slopestyle team pick this plate. The 50° plate is rather effective for slower racetracks as well and many riders use their same freeride set-up for racing as well.

Aera 48° Baseplate:

The Aera 48° plate is right in the middle for those who can't make a decision between 46 and 50. It is 2mm taller than the 38, 46, or 50 so it can be a great plate to mix with a 50 in the front. The 48° steers and grips like crazy, it's a fun one and a lot of the Aera team uses it for slower tracks.

Aera 46° Baseplate:

The 46˚ is the best all-around plate in the Aera line-up. It’s stable up to and above 110km/h (70mph), it freerides like a boss for those who like lean, and it lets you stick lines at high speeds with ease. You can’t go wrong with the middle of the road.

Aera 38° Baseplate:

The 38 degrees is the lowest Aera makes. It is meant for extremely high speeds, or for de-tuning your ride for fast courses and extra grip. A lower angle in the rear makes the tail steer more slowly around corners by leaning more and steering less, which keeps the rear wheels on the ground. This plate was designed for boards with wedged noses such as the Landyachtz Evo.

Note: Sold per baseplate! (Comes without kingpin, nut and bushing washers.)

Fiche technique

Truck type
Axle Diameter
8 mm