Deck Length (cm)

66 cm - 83 cm

Deck Width (inch)


173,00 € - 174,00 €


Triton is for the younger rider looking for a smaller board to rip. From its bright boardshorts-inspired graphics to its die-cut deck grip, everything is pure surf. Proportioned to enable the same power moves as full-sized surf skates,
this lineup answers the need for an easy carving mini for the frothing grom. Whether for just pushing around town or advanced kinesthetic surf training, these sturdy ‘little big boards’ do it all.
Triton’s high performance comes from its precision-pivot Carver trucks, fast and grippy Roundhouse wheels and 7 ply hard rock maple Triton deck, each the result of over 20 years of surf skate innovation and experience.
Each board comes with the commitment to premium quality and durability that makes Triton the perfect introduction to surf skate for any age.

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