Sector 9 Steam Roller 73mm Wheels
  • Sector 9 Steam Roller 73mm Wheels

Sector 9 Steam Roller 73mm Wheels


Durometer: 78a (yellow) 80a ( blue) | Centerset

  • Blue
  • Yellow
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Sector 9 Steam Roller 73mm Wheels

The Sector 9 Steam Rollers have nothing on their minds except for downhilling, traction, and pure speed. These wheels are a centerset core square lipped wheel featuring a contact patch of 70mm's. Being a 73mm tall wheel, the Steam Rollers are almost as wide as they are tall! If you've ever wondered what it would look like to put monster tires on a longboard, the Steam Rollers are a really good representation of that. Made out of Sector 9's race formula, these wheels are sure to be fast and grippy. These extra wide and extra grippy wheels are perfect for those who always want to take the inside line for the fastest exit speed, guaranteeing a win at the race. But once broken in, the Steam rollers offer a really smooth drift for when you need to shed some speed, with a very predictable hookup. Any aspects in the world of downhill racing can be handled by the all new Sector 9 Steam Rollers.


Durometer: 78a (yellow) 80a ( blue)


Data sheet

Yellow, Blue
80a, 78a
Core position
Wheel usage
Downhill Wheels

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