Cult Ist 63mm Wheels

Cult IST 63mm - 80a

Our Description:
This is a soft wheel meant to be mounted on your cruiser, mini, or larger than usual street / bowl board. Being soft it will roll smooth and fast around the streets and have a bit more traction, but of course, Cult uses their fabulous Mystothane that slides Oh So Smooth! This is a perfect all around wheel no matter what board you mount it on.

Cult heard to your voices calling to them from across the void.... They listened... And they made this, the Cult "Ist." Essentially an "Ism" from the same magical MYSTOTHANE as the Cult Classic, these are insanely fun wheels. Perfect for those who like a softer wheel on their big skateboard.

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    Bones Reds - 8mm Axle - No Spacers

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  • $4.53

    Fits axle size: 8mmCore size: 10mm

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