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Abec11 Invertz Classic 61mm Wheels
  • Abec11 Invertz Classic 61mm Wheels

Abec11 Invertz Classic 61mm Wheels

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Abec11 Invertz 61mm - 99A

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Our Description:
The Abec11 Invertz are a specialized park wheel that has a unique core that allows your an offset or inset bearing orientation depending on how you flip the wheel. One way makes the wheel grip more by narrowing your track width, and the other way makes it an offset wheel and it will widen your track width for smoother slides. 

The Classic urethane is faster and slides faster and smoother but can be prone to flatspots.

Abec11 Invertz

InvertZ are extremely versatile 61mm pool, park, pipe, and slide wheels.

They meet the demand for hard fast wheels that slide predictably. This "invertible" wheel gives you 2 great different ride characteristics. The InvertZ "normal" position puts more of the wheel's contact patch to the INSIDE of the bearings, providing better traction and more uniform wear. When the same wheel is inverted on the axle (more sideset), it will slide longer and more predictably.

Our Classic Park formula at 99a slides the most when mounted sideset, and hooks up sooner when inverted.

Diameter: 61 mm.

Durometer: 99A.

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