Metro Express 77mm Wheels

Duro: 78A

Metro Express 77 mm wheels

The Metro Express freeride longboard wheels are a great choice for riders who are fans of softer urethanes but want the wheels to last longer. The size of these wheels gives you the extra bit of urethane to play with before that core starts to show. Although the may feel slow/soft for riders over 180lbs or so, when you get them sliding, they'll be nice and smooth thanks to the slim profile and rounded lips. Throw these on your drop-through freeride deck or onto your drop-platform deck and get to slashin'.

Diameter: 77 mm

Durometer: 78a

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    Bones Reds - 8mm Axle - No Spacers

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  • $4.54

    Fits axle size: 8mmCore size: 10mm

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