Surf Rodz RKP (10mm) 176 Truck Kit (set of 2)

Axle: 60mm
Angle: 45

Color is [hanger]/[bushing seat]/[baseplate]

Set of 2 Trucks
Comes in a box including Bearings etc.

Surf Rodz 176mm RKP Truck Kit (10mm)

Surfrodz are smooth turning, low and extremely stable.
The bolt action system alows the rider to change wheels quickly en easily, as each axle may be removed and the wheel / bearing / spacer assembled.
Each precision 10mm axle is grooved to accommodate included set screws and a international helicoil system holding the axle firmly in place.
With the available 60mm or 70mm bolt extension kits the rider can choose between different hanger widths with one axle.
Surf rodz hangers feature built-in speed rings, 3mm caster, and identical top/bottom bushing seats so the hanger may be flipped to tune the turning characteristrics.

In Stock: online and in our shop in The Hague