RipTide DKP Pivot Cups (set of 4)
  • RipTide DKP Pivot Cups (set of 4)

RipTide DKP Pivot Cups (set of 4)

Incl. 21% VAT

Upgrade your Trucks! Set of 4 pivot cups

See the compatibility chart in the section below

  • 96A
  • Green
  • Light Blue
  • Evolve/Gullwing Sidewinder
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  • Lively & Responsive
  • Hand-poured into Custom-made moulds, then the cup end is machined to fit the truck's baseplate perfectly
  • No machining imperfections and no heat-affected zone in the super smooth pivot contact area
  • RipTide's exclusive Internally Lubricated WFB Urethane
  • RipTide Pivot Cups & Tubes are the result of years of beta testing.

RipTide's Pivots Cups are specifically designed to perfectly match your trucks.  There are no universal styles because of the compromises a universal pivot forces you to make.  In some cases, we offer both tubes & cups for the same truck.  Both offer the smooth turning benefits of RipTide's exclusive internally lubricated WFB Urethane in 96a, but the Tube offers even lower friction due to the reduced surface contact with the nose of the hanger.

Truck Name Compatible with
Ace Independent
Ace AF1 Ace AF1
Aera K3, K4 Aera (Tube)
Aera K5 Aera K5
Aera RF-1 Aera RF-1
Alsen Aera K5
Arsenal Cast Caliber 1
Arsenal Precision Arsenal
Atlas Atlas
Attack Fyre
Avenue - RKP Independent
Avenue - Street Independent
Backfire - (DKP) Independent
Backfire - Hammer (E-Board & DKP) Independent
Backfire - Ranger X2 & X3 (E-Board & DKP) Independent
Backfire - Trucks (E-Board & DKP) Independent
Backfire - Zealot (E-Board) Caliber 2
Backfire - Zealot S (E-Board) Gunmetal
Backfire Zealot (Caliber II) Caliber 2
Backfire Zealot S (Flanker) Gunmetal
Bear - Gen. 6 Bear
Bear - Grizzly 5.01 & Later Bear
Bear - Kodiak Bear
Bear - Polar Bear Independent
Bear - Precision Bear
Bear - Smokey Bear
Bear - Vintage Randal
Bennett Independent
Bolzen Paris
Boosted Caliber 2
Boundmotor (E-Board & DKP) Independent
Brenchstange TKP Randal
Buck Paris
Bustin R1 Caliber 2
Bustin R1 Caliber 2
Buzzed Buzzed
Caliber 1 Caliber 1
Caliber 2 & 3 Caliber 2
Caliber New Standard Independent
Caliber Precision Gunmetal
Carver C7.3 C2.4 Independent / Paris
Carver CX SurfSkate Paris
Carver CX.3 CX.3 Mini C7.3 Independent
Carver CX.4 C2.4 Paris
Crail - Speed Independent
Destructo Independent
Don't - Trip Bhanger Dont Trip
Don't - Trip Delirium Dont Trip
Don't Trip - Boomers Dont Trip
Don't Trip - DH Cybins Dont Trip
Don't Trip - Haki Dont Trip
Don't Trip - Mollys Dont Trip
Don't Trip - Poppys Dont Trip
Ecomobl (E-Board) Bear
Ecomobl ET Bear
Eovan (E-Board & DKP) Independent
Evolve (E-Board & DKP) Independent
Exway - Trist Bear
Exway Atlas (E-Board & DKP) Independent
Fyre Fyre
Gullwing - Charger II Paris
Gullwing - Charger l Independent
Gullwing - Pro & Mission Paris
Gullwing - Reverse & Alpine Paris
Gullwing - Sidewinder (DKP) Independent
Gullwing - Stalker Paris
Gunmetal Cast Gunmetal
Illife Iliffe
Independent Independent
Kahalani Cast Paris
Liquid Fyre
Lurpiv Independent
Luxe Street Paris
Luxe / Luxe Lite Paris
Lyacon TRX 2.0 (E-Board & DKP) Independent
Meepo Hurricane (E-Board DKP) Independent
Meepo Mini Dual Bear
Meepo Shredder Bear
Mini Logo Independent
Newton Paris
Ownboard - DKP Trucks (E-Board & DKP) Independent
Ownboard - Zeus Pro (E-Board) Independent
Ownboard Zeus Independent
Ownboard Zeus Pro Independent
Paris Savant Paris Savant
Paris Street Paris
Paris V1 & V2 Paris
Paris V3 Paris V3
PNL Gunmetal
Randal 2 and 3 Randal
Randal R3 Randal
Revel Kit (E-Board) Paris Savant
Rey Paris
Rogue - Cast & Precision Caliber 2
Rogue - Cast & Precision Tube Buzzed / Caliber
Ronin Ronin
Royal Independent
Seismic - Aeon Paris
Silver Independent
Skoa Skoa
Slant Randal
Sufrods RKP Randal
SurfRods TKP Randal
Tensor - Aluminum Independent
Tensor - Mag Light Independent
Theeve Independent
Thunder Independent
TorqueBoards Precision & 218's Caliber 2
Tracker (RTS & Dart) Randal
Tracker RTX Independent
Trist Bear
Valkyrie Voxter Valkyrie B
Venture Independent
Yow Meraki Independent
Zieheisen - Forged (RKP) Randal

Set of 4 pivot cups


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