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Downgrade Magazine

Downgrade Magazine is the collaborative effort of five photographers working to capture the essence of downhill skateboarding.

For two and a half years we have been gathering material and refining our concept to present an unparalleled magazine experience. DGM is an attempt at reimagining the Magazine in both its structure as an object and the role it plays in the community. 

Our goal is to publish three issues of Downgrade each year.

The first issue is dedicated exclusively to photography. The format of the magazine (unbound, heavy-weight newsprint) allows each page to be pulled out and hung as a 16.5 x 22.5" poster.

Issue Two is focused on a single topic with the intent of chronicling the history of modern downhill skateboarding. This will be a piece of long-form journalism, combining original and archival photographs, writing, and interviews to establish a definitive record for years to come.

DGM's photographers are united by a passion for skateboarding and a shared vision for downhill skateboarding media. Each member of the team brings a different approach to image-making, allowing us to present a multi-faceted view into downhill and the stories that surround it.

Matt Kienzle

An East Coast native, now a world-traveler, Matt is a professional downhill skateboarder who spends time on both sides of the camera. He captures an on-board intensity rarely seen in photographs, and is known for his high-energy videos produced for Skate House Media.

Thomas Trnka

Having sharpened his eye with years of BMX and street skating photography, Thomas brings a perspective to downhill shaped by the visual traditions of action sports.

Olivier Séguin-Leduc

Olivier is a veteran of the road trip. He does whatever it takes to get the world's top riders in front of his camera and constantly refining reinventing his approach to photography.

Jonah Rosenberg

As editor of an art photography magazine based in New York City, Jonah is sensitive to the subtleties of image-based storytelling. In his own work, he crafts narratives from details often overlooked by other photographers.

Aaron Breetwor

Aaron was Editor-in-Chief of Skate Slate for its first six issues, and his photographs formed the aesthetic foundation for Blood Orange. After nine years of involvement in the downhill community, DGM is his opportunity to channel his experience into a single project.

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