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Thrasher Magazine August 2018

Jesse Vieira kickflip 50-50s a legendary SF rail and grinds right onto the August 2018 cover—crack the back and dig on in. Up front, the Skate Witches cast a spell with their yearly Witch Hunt and haunt the streets of Seattle. Wicked good times! Padless 540 enthusiast Clay Kreiner talks with Burnett about modern-day vert. The air is still there if you want it. On the tropical front, Palace ditched their VHS rig, adopted a Betamax and sailed to Hawaii to test the proverbial waters of outdated video technology. Other tales of travel have Indy heading Down Under to taste some meat pies and slaughter some spots. Closer to home, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa discusses the heroes and heavies that have inspired him to be the maniac he is today. Santa Cruz has a new squad of Screaming Ams and the legacy of the red circle is in capable hands. Don’t believe us? Check the article, holmes! New Alien pro Frankie Spears gets the Thrasher interview treatment and Ishod “Trick Detective” Wair breaks down the mental and physical barriers to unlocking tricks. You can trust him. He knows how to do them all. Need more? How about an interview with Tommy Guerrero about music, skating and Free Beer? Summer is in full swing and this issue is scorching.

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