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Thrasher Magazine August 2017

Zachary "Ducky" Kovacs fastplants himself onto the cover of the August issue, clearing a fat double stack in NC. This duck is raw as fuck! And you're in luck—much more Duck inside as he and some of the gnarliest ams on the planet embark upon the inaugural Thrasher Am Scramble trip: Cruysberghs, Winkowski (now pro, btw), Tyson Peterson, Big Boy Foy (also pro), C-Glick, Jarne Verbruggen, Mason Silva and Zion wright let it be known that the ams are taking over. Middle Earth-wise, Grosso tells the tale of Antihero's recent voyage to New Zealand filming for The Body Corporate. Gnarly as hell combined with side-splitting laughter? Sounds like an AH joint. We also have Andrew Reynolds and Kader Sylla comparing Roots vs. Youth notes, Nico Hiraga getting the Lunatic Fringe treatment and Burnout reminds us why Cardiel is a GD legend. Yeah, we know. We won. 

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