Longboard Larry Crocodile - Deck Only

Length: 47" / 119.4cm, Width: 9" / 22.9cm, Wheelbase: 32" / 81.3cm

Longboard Larry Crocodile - Deck Only

RIDE WITH CAUTION. Unlike its friendly predecessor, the Komodo, the Crocodile will attack you or small children when mistreated. If kept clean and fed fresh wheels, you’ll be good to shred for many seasons on this beast of a dancer.


Length: 119.4 cm / 47”
Width: 22.9 cm / 9”
Wheelbase: 32" / 81.3cm
Construction: Maple and Bamboo.
Griptape Included: No.

Available in two flexes: "Regular" and "Stiff" flex.

(If rider weighs 90 kg / 200 lbs and up, we recommend the "Stiff" flex.)

Last one In Stock: online and in our shop in The Hague


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A Lively And Agile Dancing Board!

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Although the dimensions are very similar, this board is very different than it's predecessor, the Komodo TT,
It has a more lively flex, bigger kicks, feels wider and offers more stability that will bring your dancing-moves to the level!

First thing you're gonna notice on the Crocodile are the kicks, they are huge!
These allow you to hold your manuals much longer and make it easy to shuvit your board around.
The cutouts let you ride bigger (wider) wheels and the wheelflares let you know where you are on the board.
The flex of this board is really responsive and makes this board very agile when maneuvering.

You may find your boardwalking tricks are a little bit more difficult to do at first, but once you get used to the board, they will become more smooth and flowy, but more importantly; more fun to do!

Whether you are a starter or a experienced dancer, or just want a board to surf around on, it's a really fun board to ride and I recommend this board to everyone!

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