Landyachtz Cheesegrater Hollow Tech - Deck Only

Length: 96.5cm / 38"
Width: 24.1cm / 9.5"

Designed by team rider and freeride wizard, Alex Hannigan, the Hollowtech Cheese Grater is going to shred some serious urethane, pavement, and dairy products if they get in its way. A combination of microdrops, wheel flares, and symmetrical design make this board solid no matter which way you skate it; except maybe upside down (and even then, it’d be worth trying).


Length: 96.5 cm / 38”
Width: 24.1 cm / 9.5”
Wheelbase: 61 cm - 69.9 cm / 24” - 27.5”.
Construction: Hollow Tech.
Gripped: Yes.

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