Jet Potato 33" Deathrider Blue Metallic - Deck Only

Length: 33" / 83.8cm
Width: 9.6" / 24.4cm

The Potato Series by Jet is all about compact size with maximum impact … basically for any discipline you can slay them! These potato shaped decks are perfect for downhill racing, slide jams and general freeriding. They are now available in multiple sizes and variations featuring a 3-D shape which gives you reference points as well as keeping you locked in when you're tucking, sliding or gripping.

The Potato 33.0 is a freeride machine for the smaller riders out there, but also those who want a shorter deck that could win a downhill racing event. It features a tub concave, ¼” elliptical micro-drop and fender flairs that create perfect pockets for locking you in. It even has a mini-kicktail that's great for pressure ollies. If your into freeriding and downhill and find that most decks are too big for you then the Potato 33.0 is the one for you. It is a light, quick and snappy deck that's at home with bi-directional riding and tight spaces.

*All Jet skateboard decks are individually handcrafted in the USA. Note, there are some inconsistencies on wood stains, hand painted areas, and they have a natural grainy maple finish.


Length: 83.8 cm / 33”
Width: 24.4 cm / 9.6”
Wheelbase: 56.5 cm - 60.3 cm / 22.3” - 23.8”.
Construction: Maple.
Gripped: No.

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