Should i replace my pivot cup with a aftermarket pivot cup?

The Pivot Cups, that you usually find in trucks when you buy them, work well, but don’t offer the control and overall feel of aftermarket pivot cups or tubes. 

This is mainly because of the materials used. Truckmakers usually use cheaper kinds of plastic in their pivot cups, which leads to them wearing out and trucks not being 100% what it can be. Aftermarket pivot cups are usually poured from urethane, in different durometers, and are of a higher quality.

The durometer of the Pivot Cup defines how much feedback you receive from the Trucks. The harder you go, the greater the feedback.

The softer you go your trucks will turn more, the more forgiving they are and the less feedback they’ll offer. 

If you are looking for an upgrade on your trucks, we can recommend taking a look at Riptide pivot Cups or Riot pivot Cups. With a modest investment, you can transform a sloppy performing truck into a precise, smooth turning machine.