How to clean my bearings

What do i need?

-Cleaning kit, something like Oust speed clean bearing cleaner set (Comes with cleaning solvent!), BRONSON SPEED CO. BEARING CLEANING UNIT or the Bones Bearing Cleaner. If you don't have have that a small container where you can put 8 bearings in will do.

-Cleaning solvent (Not water-based) think of Mineral spirits or Acetone.

-Lubrication (Bones Speed CreamBronson High Speed Ceramic Oil or Skanunu 100% Lube)

-Paper towels or old rag

-Something like a razor blade or a needle can also be fine

-Gloves (It could be handy to have some latex gloves because of the chemicals)

1.How to get the bearings out of the wheel?
You start the process with removing the bearings from the wheels. The best way to do that is using your axle to crank out the bearing, soulja boy syle!. Put the wheel half on the axle, so only one bearing is on the axle. Then start wiggling the wheel back and forth, so the bearing comes out slowly

2.Removing the bearing shield
After getting the bearings out, you have to remove the shields. Look if it's a pressed in metal shield or a removable one.  With a pressed in metal shield, you can skip this step and go to the next one. 

When you do have a removable shield, the best tool to use is something like a razor blade or a needle can also be fine. Try to get under the shield from the inner race side and with a little leverage it should pop out. Be care full, try not to damage the shields. When they are out, you can clean these with a paper towel and put them aside.

3.Cleaing time!
If you have a cleaning kit, you have something like a rod to put the bearing on. Make sure you put the exposed sides up. There should be some sort of spacer in between. If you don't have a kit then you can get a small container. In both scenarios, put a little layer of cleaning solvent (not water-based, something like Mineral spirits or Acetone). With the kit you can start shaking and with the container stir it up Bob Marley style.

4.Post cleaning
Dry them quickly and lay your bearings down on a paper towel. Then tap them one by one face down on a paper towel  to get the excess solvent out. You can also dry it with a hair dryer. But make sure they are dry!

5.Lubricate your bearings
We recommend using Bones speed cream, Skanunu 100% Lube or Bronson Speed oil. When you got your lube, put 2 drops in across from each other and then spin it, so it spread evenly. That's it!

Never use wd-40! It will dry out your bearings and vulnerable to rust

Your bearings are all clean! Pop them back in and go as the wind! Your bearings would appreciate getting clean once every two to three months, so they can last way longer and give you the speed you deserve.