Tracker Fastrack Bushings
  • Tracker Fastrack Bushings

Tracker Fastrack Bushings


Duro: 82A (Blue), 88A (Orange), 95A (Green)

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
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The Fastrack bushing has a much different shape than most reverse kingpin trucks and adds noticeable stability in the overall ride of the board.

82A: The softest in the Tracker line of bushings. These 82a durometers give a true surf feel in the reverse kingpin truck, perfect for cruising the beach, pushing or mellow hills! These are standard in Fastrack production.

88A: These give a little added stability allowing for higher speeds but keep that surf feeling alive while pushing to the local store or bombing hills with friends!

95A: The Hardest in the Fastrack Superball line is not for the everyday rider but rather for the more advanced rider looking for added stability at high speed hill bombing or sliding. These 95a durometers are second to none!

Packaged with 1 top and 1 bottom bushing