Roxy Clothing Slippers

Roxy is a sister brand from Quiksilver, it was founded in 1990 by Jill Dodds. Roxy logo mirrors a rather well-known woodcut characterizing a typhoon wave and the Mount Fuji.

The mountain in Roxy logo is used as a symbol of excellence and authenticity. The wave represents surfing, while the mountain represents snowboarding, the two activities where Roxy products are often used. Roxy has developed into the largest action sport fashion apparel company for young women. It became famous for producing not only clothing but also accessories, hard goods (surfboards and snowboards), wetsuits, footwear, etc.

Check our new Roxy collection out, prepare for the summer with some hot Roxy shirts, Roxy dresses, Roxy Shorts or find you right Roxy bag for all of your adventures.

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