Dickies Pants 874 Hoodie

Dickies has been a part of the apparel market since 1922, founded by C. N. Williamson and E. E. "Colonel" Dickie in Texas, USA. The brand Dickies walked into the market selling workwear to the automotive, hospitality, construction and medical industries.

How did they get into the world of skateboarding? A lot of teenage skaters didn't have money while growing up, so when they wanted a cheap, authentic, indestructible and stiff fit, Dickies became the right choice. Some of Dickies top products are Dickies 874 or Dickies 873 and these work pants were adopted by the skate community thanks to their loose, casual and retro look. Therefore Dickies workwear became kind of uniform among skaters. Bringing up skate customers to Dickies was a huge step and developed Dickies into an even more popular brand. 

So if you want fresh, universal clothes for any occasion you should definitely buy some Dickies overalls, work pants, jackets or hoodies will be part of your daily outfits.

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