Street Plant Vallely Samurai Natural 8.125" - Deck Only
  • Street Plant Vallely Samurai Natural 8.125" - Deck Only

Street Plant Vallely Samurai Natural 8.125" - Deck Only

57,81 €

Länge: 32.2" / 81.8cm
Breite: 8.125" / 20.8cm


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Artist Yusuke Tsuge:

This Art expresses The Spirit of the Last Samurai.

Nothing can tame him.
He yields to no one.
It is possible to kill him.
But no one can kill his Spirit.
He lives for Honor.
With a beautiful mind.
He doesn’t fear death.

The True Skater is the same.
He lives honestly in his faith.
He doesn’t care about the opinions of others.
He embodies that He is Himself.
A true sign of Individuality.
This is his Honor.
Skate, Create, Enjoy
To Live.

Mike Vallely:

I first met Japanese Artist Yusuke Tsuge at the Shin-Yokohama Skatepark while on the 2015 Street Plant Japan Tour. On the night that we met, Yusuke gifted me a drawing of a Samurai. As it went from his hands into mine, there was a great exchange of energy and I was sincerely moved by the gesture and by his very kind and strong words. Since our first visit, Yusuke and I have remained in constant contact and he has continued to send me new drawings. We met again on the 2016 Street Plant Japan Tour in Zushi, where I also met his beautiful family and they became family to me.

Yusuke’s art is always accompanied by very sincere words that go straight to the heart. His emails land heavy and profoundly in my inbox. There is a poetry to what he says and how he says it bringing light and energy into my life. This is a connection that I greatly value and so it is with great honor that we feature Yusuke’s art on Street Plant Boards. Thank you my Far East friend, Arigato!


Length: 81.8 cm / 32.2”
Width: 20.8 cm / 8.125”
Wheelbase: 36.2 cm / 14.3”.
Construction: Maple

Technische Daten

Deck Width (inch)
Brown, Red

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