Caliber II Fifty 10" Achse
  • Caliber II Fifty 10" Achse

Caliber II Fifty 10" Achse

27,40 €

50°, 89a Blood Orange Barrel-Cone combo, Grade 8 steel kingpin

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  • Acid Melon
  • Blackout
  • Raw
  • Satin Blue
  • Satin Gold
  • Satin Green
  • Satin Purple
  • Satin Red
  • White Gold
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Our Description:
The Caliber 50? is one of the most popular trucks on the market. At 50 it will steer easier than its 44 counterpart, but still offer plenty of stability. The Caliber hanger has no rake, so it is inherently quite stable.

The Fifty Caliber is stable at high speeds while also having an optimal angle for making strong carves. The hanger is not only reversible, but when flipped there is no rake to throw off the ride. The bushing seats are symmetrical with an optimal setup for any style of bushing. The pivot of the baseplate is self contained keeping it from having any weakness. The Blood Orange Bushings at an 89a durometer make for an ideal responsiveness. Perfection...

  • updated inner/outer steps on bushing seat
  • pivot with tighter tolerance and updated chamfer
  • circular kingpin hole with updated diameter
  • increased truck strength
  • pressed-in grade 8 hex head kingpin
  • reinforced baseplate
  • thinner paints for tightened tolerances

Technische Daten

Hanger Width (Inch)
Hanger Width (mm)
Truck type
Base plate angle
50 degrees
Axle Diameter
8 mm